Stephani Victor is many things, but “amputee,” she is not. Stephani speaks candidly of the accident that befell her as a young woman leaving her wheelchair bound, but refuses to let that define her. “I am a person who has experienced limb loss, NOT an amputee,” says Stephani. She imparted the same message to the students in Wednesday’s In True Fashion class, saying, “The external world will attempt to define you. Don’t let them. You define you.”

The classroom was resplendent with energy and positivity as Stephani spoke with her signature charisma about the importance of defining oneself. Without having to speak of her dashed dreams of being an actress, it was apparent that Stephani was a natural-born performer. Poignant insights tumbled from her mouth with effortless humor and compelling vigor, commanding the attention of students and mentors alike.

Stephani also stressed the importance of being proactive about pursuing one’s dreams, calling on the students to activate their “’Yes’ potential,” provided they keep their integrity in tact while doing so. Stephani regarded her own dream of becoming an Olympic medal-winner as “an outrageous one; in fact, ridiculous.” Nevertheless, by following her own advice, Stephani conquered all that she set out to accomplish. With numerous championship skiing medals to her name, success as a filmmaker, clout as an inspirational speaker and her prince charming by her side, Stephani makes it clear that what she is missing physically is more than made up for.

Stephani’s journey is a genuine reflection of the In True Fashion “Quote of the Day” chosen by founder Nancy Gale. It was no coincidence that Nancy chose to impart Albert Einstein’s words to preface Stephani’s visit. “Only one who devotes himself to a cause with his whole strength and soul can be a true master. For this reason, mastery demands all of a person.” Not a soul in the classroom left untouched or uninspired. Thank you, Stephani!