Today’s class was graced by the beautiful, powerful and immensely inspiring Diana Derycz-Kessler, CEO of the Los Angeles Film School, former Elite fashion model and Harvard Law graduate. Diana spoke to the students about her journey from poverty and abuse to scholarly and successful. Her message, that the drive to overcome insecurities propels one to success, resonated with the students, many of who could identify with Diana’s upbringing.  Nancy’s Quote of the Day was particularly applicable to Diana’s outlook on life. In the words of Harry Truman, “A pessimist is one who makes difficulties of his opportunities and an optimist is one who makes opportunities of his difficulties.”

The rest of class period was spent with the students broken into their teams. One team worked with the mentors establishing their social media presence, another filmed celebrity reach-outs and the third team engaged in one-on-one conversations with the mentors. The common thread from each conversation was, not surprisingly, that the students only wished In True Fashion class was longer! We believe that our class might just be the only one where students don’t clamor to leave when the bell rings for dismissal. Rather, it is an effort to disband!

With only three classes remaining in this semester, the students are eagerly awaiting the unveiling of their finished bags. Meanwhile, the mentors are starting to mourn the thought of going a whole summer without In True Fashion class!