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AMBITION & JAMAH Founder, Nancy Gale

The AMBITION Story (formerly In True Fashion)

In the Classroom

Motivation from Sir Richard Branson

Gratitude from the In True Fashion Students

Facing Challenges

Enthusiasm from Virgin Produced CEO, Jason Felts

Passion from Lion King Director, Rob Minkoff

Networking from CW COO, John Maatta

Goals from Broadcom Foundation Executive Director, Paula Golden

Perseverance from Los Angeles Film School CEO, Diana Kessler

Ambition from Googler 13, Steve Schimmel

Resilience from Infinitum Nihil Development Executive, Bobby DeLeon

Inspiration from Gold Medalist, Stephani Victor

Dreams from TV & Film Producer and Philanthropist, Peter Samuelson

Persistence from Co-founder of VeeV Spirits, Carter Reum

Stepping Up from Founder & CEO of Ali International LLC, Ali Brown

Our Future from VP of Investments, Glen “The Boomer” Titan

Teamwork from Executive Chef, Ray Garcia

Real World

A Student Finds his Voice

Business, Marketing or Design?

In True Fashion Featured on Fox’s “Live Life and Win!”

Rigo Estrada

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