With a deep passion for our cause, it is important to recognize the value of like-minded organizations. This week In True Fashion honors Beauty Bus Foundation.

During the most difficult times for a person to feel confident and beautiful, The Beauty Bus Foundation has found the perfect way to enhance the quality of life for homebound, terminally or chronically ill individuals and their primary caregivers. This non-profit brings beauty home, providing professional beauty services that enable these individuals to feel empowered inside and out. Beauty Bus brings inner confidence to the surface, aligning with In True Fashion’s philosophy that beauty comes from within.

Due to illness the importance of beautification is often forgotten. By providing these makeovers, Beauty Bus helps to improve their clients quality of life by helping them to better deal with their treatments. With a renewed attitude and confidence, The Beauty Bus epitomizes In True Fashion’s motto that what is truly fashionable is on the inside.

Please visit or call 310.287.1272.