In True Fashion’s mentors are relentless in seeking opportunities for the students. The delectable food in this photo is proof of the lengths they will go to in securing such opportunities! On Sunday, In True Fashion mentor and advisory board member Barbara Bishop took fellow board member Rosalind Ross and founder Nancy Gale to a food festival hosted by the Rotary Club of Santa Monica. In attendance was James Trees, a chef at the acclaimed restaurant FIG at the beautiful Fairmont Miramar Hotel in Santa Monica. Chef James was sampling various dishes from the restaurant, including butternut squash ravioli with braised short rib, fresh focaccia bread and a panzanella salad with fresh mozzarella cheese. While sampling their delicious food, Nancy and Rosalind took it upon themselves to invite Chef James and FIG’s executive Chef Ray Garcia to come to class. Their invitation was met with a resounding yes! Furthermore, as proof that it never hurts to ask, they were sent home with all the leftover FIG food from the event that would have otherwise gone to waste! Students, you can look forward to meeting the talented chefs from FIG in just a few weeks!