On Friday, March 2, 2012, Environmental Charter High School held its annual Career Day. In True Fashion founder Nancy Gale held the honorable position of keynote speaker. Nancy, however, had more on her mind than executing an inspirational speech. This day marked the culmination of months of anticipation for Nancy, the day in which she would award In True Fashion’s first student scholarship, in honor of her late mom, Helen Gale.

Completely unassuming, nineteen year-old Rigo Estrada took the stage to speak about his experience with In True Fashion and the importance of “stepping up.” As soon as he finished, Nancy re-entered the stage and presented Rigo with his scholarship, two thousand dollars toward his college education. Rigo was stunned and overwhelmed with gratitude, his parents standing proudly in the audience.

Rigo is a shining example of the power of In True Fashion, and only the first of many future scholarship recipients.