In partnership with the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, local company JAMAH, designer of leather goods all made in the USA (, is proud to announce today’s official launch of In True Fashion at a Los Angeles Charter School. In True Fashion will build self-esteem and work ethic in American youth through hands-on participation and promote the value of products “Made in the USA.”  The program will run through the end of the school year in June.

High school students will explore their creativity through the In True Fashion ( entrepreneurial program, which will include workshops with expert mentors, factory time and business planning. They will learn what it takes to run every aspect of a business from design and production to finance to sales and marketing.

Spearheaded by JAMAH, teams of students will compete to create a winning product that will be put into mass production and sold to the public as a new addition to the JAMAH Collection. The designs will be voted on during a summer-long poll.  Honoring cause and commerce, a portion of the proceeds will be designated to NFTE ( Through the process students will cultivate their work ethic and a consciousness of their surroundings while they discover their inner talent. They will develop skills that will help build their self-esteem and learn what it means to give back. The beauty of the movement is its inspiration . . . promoting that what is truly fashionable is on the inside.

JAMAH owner and founder Nancy Gale says, In True Fashion preserves and honors American craftsmanship. The personal empowerment gained from the In True Fashion experience and the appreciation for products that are made in the USA will positively affect generations to come. It is time to take pride in what it means to be “Made in the USA.”  Gale strives to inspire small business owners to never give up and to keep pursuing the road to prosperity and to keep the dream alive.

“We in NFTE’s Los Angeles office know Nancy is a great believer in NFTE’s mission – Every young person will find a pathway to prosperity – and that JAMAH and In True Fashion will bring to life a much-needed resource for building better futures in our community,” says Betsy Blanchard of NFTE.