Today the students’ energy was focused on solidifying their designs and deciding upon a team name. To assist in the process, we invited branding expert Barbara Bishop of Barbara Bishop Public Relations to class. Barbara also serves as Public Relations Advisor to In True Fashion. Barbara spoke to the students about the importance of establishing brand identity and the process of crafting it. Subsequently, the class broke into groups overseen by mentors and began the branding process by coming up with a team name. The teams were encouraged to reflect on their designs as sources of inspiration for their team names, bearing in mind their target audience.

As another treat, former In True Fashion student and scholarship recipient Rigo Estrada paid a visit. He spoke to the students about his own experience with In True Fashion and the most valuable lesson he took away from it – the importance of stepping up.

Nancy’s “Quote of the Day” served as a burst of encouragement for the students. “Real leaders are ordinary people with extraordinary determination,” she declared, and a palpable wave of relief swept over the students. Showing particular initiative was Jaylin R. who agreed to film the entire class period. Jaylin expressed interest in filmmaking during the first In True Fashion class of the semester. In keeping with the program’s pledge to do its best to foster individual interests, Jaylin was elected for the duty. His footage will be edited by a professional and compiled into the next In True Fashion video clip!

There was, however, a significant void in class on Wednesday. In True Fashion President and beloved mentor Crystal Kung Minkoff was absent. In a show of appreciation, the students created an impromptu video saying how much they missed Crystal and how excited they were about her pregnancy. So taken by the gesture, Crystal responded to the students atop The Great Wall of China, expressing her wish for each and every student to be standing there one day!

When class resumes on April 11, the team names will be announced and the creation process will commence!