angelica ” Ahhhh! The places you’ll go and the people you’ll meet through In True Fashion. I am so grateful for the program for many reasons. As a student in a low-income community, learning about business, managing your money and marketing are things you do in the future (and that is if you are lucky). I honestly feel that as students we are getting a private school education and that we must take advantage of it. The program has allowed me to see life through a new lens. I am privileged to say that this class has opened many doors in my creativity to further my ambitious future. Frankly, I feel like this is just what students need to give them a boost of confidence to live free and live out your goals. I have such a strong connection with Nancy Gale, not only because she is comforting in all aspects of love, but she is so supportive and optimistic about literally everything. More often than not, teens and young adults need that sense of support to carry them through life with a smile on their face. Every Wednesday from 8 – 9:40, you bet I am ready to learn about how my actions can make a difference to my team and me and how they play a part in building the fundamentals of my soon too be young-adult hood! :)