jerry “In True Fashion had me puzzled at first. I had not heard those words in a sentence until I was a senior at ECHS, even though I’ve been here all four years. I was so confused as to what In True Fashion was. A lot of my close friends had this class last semester and when I would ask “what was the homework today?” they’d usually exchange glances and when I asked further, they’d say “Jerry doesn’t have the ‘special’ class.” In True Fashion seemed like a privilege, like only special students were allowed inside. I saw people with cameras and fancy clothes and that really interested me. I now understand what it is all about since entering this semester’s class. It’s unique from all the classes that I have in that there is a lesson embedded into everything we do. We have inspirational guest speakers that make you excited to tackle everything life has to offer, like Stephani Victor, who won the Gold Medal in the 2006 Paralymics. Having a guest speaker motivating you is so much more powerful when you see someone who has succeeded using their goals to achieve success, and that credibility is what made Stephani Victor so motivating. In True Fashion, in my opinion, is emphasizing the potential impact we have on the world and giving us the motivation to reach that potential. The fact that we make, design and do market research gives us a context to use that motivation. I don’t think that’s such a bad idea, considering business is where the money is, and money makes the world go round.”