“Every Monday brings a unique air of creativity and applied learning. Following a briefing of what is to come each group announces their progress and goals. Then the rest of the class goes and does their assigned work. As the marketer in my group, I’m always excited to see what is yet another new aspect that I have not analyzed or even noticed in the process of unveiling a product and promoting it. Every Monday every student in that room is inspired to help their group win, and ultimately, enable themselves and others to develop into citizens who have been equipped to be productive and creative.”

“Considering any outsiders view of what In True Fashion does and represents, anyone could assume just what an amazing woman Nancy is. From the minute one’s eyes lock with hers, one feels an immense feeling of joy and pride knowing that Nancy is working along with you. Her dedication to the students in the In True Fashion program is unforgettable as even the simplest of actions, a smile, can encourage an entire class to leave behind their shell of uncertainty and move forward to gain valuable skills and acknowledge self worth.”

“As a student living in a low income community, I recognize the undisputable need for reinforcement in a school setting. Confidence, along with the ability to overcome social stigmas and knowing how to use one’s talent to take on the world, are key points one can extract from the In True Fashion program. Nancy Gale, with JAMAH’s In True Fashion, mentors students to explore areas that have not been nurtured; areas that with proper attention can led to successful futures. Students learn to be all they can be in order to better themselves, their communities and impact the world in the most efficient of ways. Utilizing a hands-on approach, Nancy’s natural aptitude for encouragement and guidance inspires students to reach beyond their base realm of comfort. Fellow pupils in the program are continually using skills derived from participating in collaboration, networking and even designing. Exposure to the program Nancy is working so diligently on, In True Fashion, would not only impact the current youth, but would echo across generations. This is because the purpose of the program is to foster the capacity to take initiative. People will be inspired to take hold of their hopes and begin the journey to carve their dreams into reality.”