“I believe In True Fashion is going to be an amazing experience! Not only do I get participate in a program that promotes originality and uniqueness, but a program that works on universal skills such as Patience, Creativity, Communication, and overall Positivity. Skills that i can apply in any career field I choose. In True Fashion is inspiring and I can’t wait to see the impact the program is going to have on us!”

“Surprise is an understatement to describe the surprise my classmates and I received a few weeks ago. Nancy Gale allowed us to visit her factory in style. She transported all of us in limos. Why do you ask? To give us inspiration and insight to what our life could be like. As young entrepeneurs with ambition, drive, motivation, knowledge, heart and fabulous ideas, we are able to utilize what we have to make our dreams come true. After riding in the limo one could only think: why can’t this be my life everyday? Why can’t I go to work in a limo? Why can’t I be my own boss? The answers to these questions is simple, yes it can be us. Nancy is giving us a clean start by challenging and expanding our knowledge. In True Fashion is an amazing program!”