“Every Monday In True Fashion visits our Economics class. We learn about design aspects, teamwork and various aspects of business. As a result I tap into the designer in me. Our goal is to design bags that may one day become part of the line for JAMAH. Currently, I work with my team to make this happen. I have never designed a purse before so this will definitely be an interesting experience for me.”

“Working with my group has been a positive experience so far. They have various great ideas and it is fun incorporating those ideas into a creation we all agree on. I am excited about the ending result of our bag. Being a designer has its perks. I may not be the best artist, but I know what I would like to see in a bag or a purse. I look forward to seeing all the designs of the other groups in my class. I’m sure they are all unique.”

“Working with Nancy has been an overall positive and enlightening experience. She is friendly and helpful, and she deserves all the praise she can get. I want to thank her and In True Fashion for such a memorable time.“