The fourth week of In True Fashion’s inaugural class found students diving into the design process as they explored limitless bag ideas. Working in teams, students used sketch paper, muslin, glue, pins and their imagination to visualize the initial components of their team’s design. While the designers on each team were concentrating on the construction of the bag, the finance students were considering the cost of production and the marketing students were analyzing the salability of the bag. Each student plays an important role in the overall process and as they begin the first stages of design, they’ll discover how crucial each component is to the final result. Teams set goals from completing their design to sourcing fabric. To reach their weekly goals, students assigned each other tasks such as bringing in materials for inspiration and budget research.

In honoring the In True Fashion philosophy of dreaming big, students were transported to the JAMAH factory in limos. Students toured the facility and explored the production process, yielding a truly inspired day.