After a week of spring break students returned to class, even closer to their finalizing their team designs. Working again with clay and sketches teams focused on the hardware elements they planned to incorporate. Teams also shared new ideas for press reach out including Facebook, word-of-mouth, Youtube and celebrity spokespersons. The marketing students of each team met to discuss ‘Will’s Oprah Campaign’ and how they would reach out to The Oprah Show via written entries, video and more. Will’s vision is that Oprah will show her support and get involved with In True Fashion because it is helping students live their best lives.

The students have already begun writing the their letters to Oprah. Get a sneak peek below . . .

“There is a great need for In True Fashion . . . so many kids need this inspiration.”

“In True Fashion is an inspiring program that allows students to design bags and learn entrepreneurship.”

“In True Fashion is showing us the positive effects of manufacturing in the USA. It’s been amazing to experience a factory filled with artists that feels like a family.”

“We would love you to help spread the news about In True Fashion.”

“In True Fashion is an extraordinary program that allows high school students to design bags and how to run a business. This program allows students to step into the world of entrepreneurship.”