A movement born from AMBITION

There’s Always a Me Too is a solution -driven thinking at its best. A candid platform, “Me Too” is an affirmation of power, a tool for growth instead of a barrier to resolution.

Commonly reference as “Me Too,” and inclusive of all socio-economic backgrounds, it is a truly inspiring movement that unites brave and powerful voices with mutual struggles to find solutions. Collaborative problem solving, “Me Too” encourages speaking with power-not-pity and tasks participants to become leaders as they share their greatest challenge and the process of overcoming it.

“Perceive your ‘problems’ as ‘challenges’ and you will discover an unbiased path to solutions.” –Nancy Gale

Inspired by the brutal murder of her mother, “Me Too” was ignited by Nancy Gale, founder of AMBITION and luxury handbag line JAMAH and is based on the concept that for each ‘bad’ or otherwise overwhelming experience that one has, there is always someone else who can say, “Me Too,” I had a similar experience and here’s how I overcame it.”

Fueled by the voices of students and entrepreneurs, “Me Too” bridges the gap of age, ethnic and socio-economic barriers to unite us in common circumstance. Once given a powerful voice and focused trajectory for tackling, our problems are no longer a burden worn with pity, but ‘tools in our toolbox’ that we can apply to all facets of our lives. “Me Too” encourages today’s youth to ‘use their voice’ while addressing the overwhelmingly regulatory feedback telling them to delete, refrain or adjust their words.

With social media opening up a never-ending platform to be heard, there is a rising trend of what appears to be grandstanding, whining and complaining. With “Me Too” participants ranging from tweens to centurions, the willingness to speak is astounding. Participants across the board agree that the intimate, unabridged, uninterrupted “Me Too” forum allows them, in many cases for the first time, to give voice to their problems, while most importantly, taking action in resolving them. Taking away the ‘woe is me’ aspect from today’s rapidly growing ‘everyone has a story‘ movement dramatically increases the comfort level to share. The tone of delivery and the solution methodology will affect the storytelling movement in a profound and critical way.

By identifying our own problems and implementing solutions, the process begins at a root level.

Ahmia’s “Me Too”: